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Chiropractic care for Wellness

meet the team

Chiropractor Westley Kuns D.C.

Chiropractor Gresham OR Westley Kuns Dr. Kuns grew up in Gresham and is a 1996 graduate of Western States Chiropractic College. He has 2 children (Austin, 20 & Sammy, 18) and a West Highland Terrier named Bentley.

“I was in pre-medicine at Oregon State University, and then changed my mind to practice towards prevention of disease — which is chiropractic.

In 2008, I suffered a tear to my L4 disc. The pain was excruciating. I was able to get an MRI within 2 hours of the incident. I had to stay off my feet for 10 days to avoid surgery.

I then flew to Florida to get treated for a degenerative disc condition. The success of that treatment encouraged me to bring non-surgical axial spinal decompression to my home town of Gresham.

My favorite thing about my practice is that I get to practice in the community I have called home all of my life and help my friends, neighbors, and community members lead fuller lives.”

Dr. Kuns utilizes the following chiropractic techniques: Diversified, instrument adjusting, drop table, and disc decompression.

He is a member of the Oregon Chiropractic Association and enjoys Barlow Youth Football, OSU Football, working out at Cascade Athletic Club with his kids, and cars.


Chiropractic Gresham OR Jennifer Kuns Billing Assistant Started at Kuns Chiropractic as the Community outreach assistant in 2010. Her focus was on community education on the benefits of Chiropractic and massage. She then moved into the billing department and learned about how to make sure that patients are getting the best service they deserve not only from the doctors office but from their insurance companies. Recently she has taken on the task of scheduling and reception. She understands all aspects of the office now to best help patients with their needs.




If you call us on Friday's you'll likely speak with Monica, she is our part time receptions on Fridays. She's also full time hairstylist, and all of her children have gone to Barlo HighSchool. Oldest son is currently attending college at Western Oregon University.


Chiropractic Gresham OR Korinne Mack A transplant from the state of Wisconsin, she has been involved in massage therapy for many years. She has treated injury cases, motor vehicle collisions and disc injury cases. She is very accomplished with the treatment of cervical and whiplash injury. She moved to the Portland Oregon area to further her education in film making.






Originally from Tokyo she moved to the US and studied fine Jewelry making. A few years later she decided to study Massage and attended East-West School of massage. The Desire to help people came from a childhood accident in which she was helped with chiropractic and massage. She has studied as a bodywork technician primarily but has also studied the specialties of Cranio-sacral therapy and Visceral-manipulation. She has enjoyed working in the past on runners and disc patients.


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Kuns Chiropractic Clinic
405 NE Divison Street
Gresham, OR 97030
(503) 661-0791

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